Welcome to MusicSolve

We are a collective of musicians and composers who understand that the musicians’ creative process is full of logistic and technical hurdles that take up time and effort. So we created musicsolve.com, so that you can focus on your creativity and let us help you with the rest.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Vocal and monophonic instrument tuning using the latest edition of Melodyne, world’s #1 tuning software.

Audio & MIDI editing – we clean up your tracks and sessions from raw material fresh out of the studio to ready for mixing. We manually adjust as much or as little as you like (timing, volume, ghost and/or unwanted notes & sounds, etc).

Programming & sequencing – songs from all genres recreated as a multitrack Logic session or audio stems, convenient for soloists & vocalists or as study / educational material.

Arrangements – we arrange and re-arrange anything in any genre, originals and covers, for live formats of any size (demo and charts), digitally produced demos for bands and solo artists, etc.

Transcription, copy & format services using Sibelius 7, we provide charts and scores as simple or precise as necessary, from plain chord charts to classical music works.