We are a collective of musicians, audio engineers, producers and composers from around the world. Meet our team:

Eliane Correa

Director & multi-tasker


Eliane is a pianist, composer, arranger, musical director and producer based between London and Barcelona.

Classically trained at the Luxembourg Conservatoire, she moved to Havana as a teenager to study at the prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte, then relocated to London in 2008 for a BA and MA in Ethnomusicology at SOAS (University College London) whilst beginning to work professionally as a composer, songwriter, producer and session pianist, firstly in the Latin scene and then in various other genres. She leads 3 music projects in London: Wara, En El Aire Project and Eli & La Evolución, and always has her hands in a range of session work, both playing and creating.

For more info, visit her website www.elianecorrea.com

Greg Sanders

Transcription, orchestration & arrangements, copy & format, audio editing, production

Greg sanders recording at Studio123, Shoreditch

A truly global musician, London-born Greg Sanders is as well-versed in classical and jazz guitar as he is in Congolese, Brazilian or Cuban styles, to name a few. He also puts his extensive musical knowledge to good use when composing for his 17-piece orchestra Teotima.

He is currently Visiting Lecturer in Jazz Guitar at City University and composing / producing music for the media.

For more info (or if you want to learn guitar), visit his blog: https://earlgreg.wordpress.com/

Frank Portuondo

Transcription, copy & format, audio / MIDI editing, sequencing

FRANK prov

Frank Portuondo is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and music educator from Guantánamo, Cuba.

After graduating in Cuban Tres with top marks from Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, he spent some time playing across a wide range of music scenes across Cuba with the likes of Manguaré, Tony Ávila and Tanmy López as well as co-producing records for Grupo Jade and Jorge Iván Martín among others.

Since relocating to London in 2014 he has established himself as a prominent bass and tres player (Son Yambú, Cuban Combination, En El Aire Project among others) and is currently producing an album for Ramsay Y Ya.